The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the harnessing of intelligent device data for use in big data analytics.  Device sensor data in a machine-to-machine (M2M) environment is accurately collected and made available for analysis by the SCADA host as well as the entire enterprise. Machines are generally considered more precise than people at consistently collecting and communicating data that help companies to streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction and overall profitability.  


Report By Exception (RBE) in an IT-OT converging environment is key in implementing a user-friendly data acquisition methodology.  Reporting data on an as-needed basis decreases latency and increases critical bandwidth for use by Operations and the larger enterprise network.  An edge of network gateway provides a concentrated source to poll for device data that can be used throughout an organization.  

A Publish/Subscribe messaging structure allows messages to be published once with multiple subscribers receiving the message, decoupling the producer from the consumer(s).  A producer publishes a message on a topic. A consumer subscribes for messages on a topic.  Message oriented middleware (MOM) along with edge of network gateways match publications to subscriptions.

The IT/OT Convergence team’s goal is to break down the wall that has historically separated Information Technology from Operation Technology.  Through the use of a robust, IT friendly SCADA host, message oriented middleware and edge of network gateway, we are creating an IIoT “friendly space” for the entire enterprise network to access.  Unlocking availability to stranded field device data and increasing network bandwidth while decreasing data latency is our charge.